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Braking resistors

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Заказной номер: 6SE6400-4BD26-0FA0
SINAMICS ТОРМОЗНОЙ РЕЗИСТОР 380-480 В 5,5R 120000ВТ PK 6000ВТ КОНТ. 526 X 483 X 301 ММ В X Ш X Г IP20
Заказной номер: 6SE6400-4BD24-0FA0
MICROMASTER 4 ТОРМОЗНОЙ РЕЗИСТОР 380-480 В 8R 80000ВТ PK 4000ВТ КОНТ. 650 X 400 X 315 ММ В X Ш X Г IP20


Braking resistor

Excess energy in the DC link is dissipated in the braking resistor. The braking resistors are intended for use with PM240 Power Modules which feature an integrated braking chopper, but cannot regenerate energy to the supply system. For regenerative operation, e.g. the braking of a rotating mass with high moment of inertia, a braking resistor must be connected to convert the resulting energy into heat.

The braking resistors can be installed at the side next to the PM240 Power Modules.

The braking resistors for the Power Modules of frame size FSF should be placed outside the control cabinet or outside the switchgear room so that the heat loss is removed from the area of the Power Modules. The level of air conditioning required is therefore reduced.

Every braking resistor has a temperature switch (UL-listed). The temperature switch must be evaluated to prevent consequential damage if the braking resistor overheats.

Braking resistors