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IO Systems for heating units


SIPLUS HCS heating control systems:
Industrial heating processes – maximum precision and efficiency

In manufacturing processes where temperature plays a crucial role, deviations of just a few degrees can cause enormous quality problems. To avoid this and to minimize rejection rates, high-precision and reliable, individual control of the electrical heating elements is essential.

Nearly all industrially manufactured products undergo heat treatment. Even small deviations in the heating process can result in enormous negative effects on product quality.

To increase the quality and quantity of a heat-treated product, it is important to be able to focus the energy required with the highest level of spatial and temporal precision. The SIPLUS HCS ensures utmost precision in the control of electric heating units such as infrared heaters.

Three heating control systems are available:

  • With integrated power outputs – compact design
  • With integrated power outputs - modular design
  • Without integrated power outputs

The SIPLUS HCS family of heating control systems saves time, costs and resources when it comes to configuring, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

This is achieved by:

  • Simple integration into existing automation systems such as SIMATIC and SIMOTION
  • Lower wiring costs and user-friendly engineering
  • Intelligent diagnostics options for swift fault detection
  • Service-friendly design thanks to ready-to-use function and data blocks
  • Reduced volume in the control cabinet with space savings of up to 50 %

For more information, visit http://www.siemens.com/siplus-hcs.

IO Systems for heating units