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Repair service contract RSC


RSC description of performance

In the context of the repair service contract (RSC), Siemens eliminates faults on components from Siemens Industry Sector, I IA&DT specified in the contract (with the exception of complete motor spindles) at the machine location on behalf of the machine tool/production machinery manufacturer and dealer.

RSC services
  • Provision of service personnel
  • On-site diagnostics
  • Fault correction on site
  • Proof of fault correction

Diagnostics refers to the components specified in the parts list of the final destination certificate. Diagnostics is carried out on the basis of a technical fault message clarified in advance by the manufacturer or dealer with specification of the contract number.

Fault correction is carried out by repairing and/or replacing faulty components. In the event of a machine standstill, fault correction is carried out with the response time specified for the country group.

Siemens provides qualified personnel for diagnostics and fault correction of our products. If mechanical work is also necessary, this must be provided or arranged by the manufacturer/dealer. Example: dismounting/mounting of motors or other mechanical components.

Within the agreed contract period, faulty components which were not older than 12 months at the beginning of the repair service contract will be replaced free-of-charge.

The services are provided during the usual working hours in the country of installation. Waiting times not caused by Siemens – longer than an hour – will be invoiced separately. The service request must be made via the organization that signed the RSC.

Spare parts are provided from our central spare parts warehouse or from regional spare parts warehouses using our worldwide spare parts logistics infrastructure. All of the essential spare parts are stocked in our central spare parts stores. Regional spare parts warehouses are adapted to include the components specified in the final destination certificate 1).

The following components are not defined as spare parts:

  • Motors 2)
  • Cables 3)
  • Special or customer-specific modules and components not available from Siemens as spare parts.

Faulty components 4) are replaced free-of-charge within the agreed contract period. See under Service exclusions.

Contract prerequisites
  • Final destination certificate
  • Data backup at the user`s site
  • Parts lists for the individual components with article numbers and serial numbers.
  • Access to machine/components

The manufacturer/dealer provides the final destination information in good time prior to commencement of the contract, and ensures that all machine data is backed up and available at the user`s site. Particular data for the final destination certificate are: Machine no., machine type, machining technology, control system, drive system, number of measuring circuits, data for OEM application, date of commissioning at end user's site, country of end user, if possible full address of end user and parts list of components used with article number and serial number.

The manufacturer/dealer must ensure that the work can be performed without delay and that problem-free access is provided to the components including any software security mechanisms, e.g. Lock‑it!, for performing diagnosis/troubleshooting and that a contact is available who can be reached at any time for software-protected machines.

RSC certificate

As the RSC contract partner, the manufacturer or dealer is provided with a certificate with contract number (the contract number must be specified when requesting service) once the final destination certificate has been handed over (prerequisite for provision of services at the end customer site). This certificate contains the contract number and essential contract data such as machine number, machine type, contract start date, contract end date, and address for the provision of services.

Period of validity

The RSC commences on the date registered with Siemens for completion of the second commissioning procedure at the end customer site, and ends on expiry of the selected RSC period 5).

Contract periods

The RSC is offered for the period of liability (warranty period) that our customers (manufacturers/dealers) provide to their end customers. Different RSC periods permit various market requirements to be addressed. In the case of RSC periods exceeding the limitation period originally granted for Siemens I IA&DT components, the limitation period is extended with respect to claims for subsequent fulfillment of performance, with the exception of further rights and claims, in line with the extended RSC period.

Service exclusions

The contract shall not be deemed to have been performed in all cases of subclause VIII./7 quality defects of the "General conditions of supply and delivery for the electrical industry" 4). In the case of parts subject to wear (e.g., motor bearings and fans or cables), replacements will be provided free-of-charge within 12 months of commencement of the RSC in the case of proper use, irrespective of the actual duration of the RSV.

Export license

Fulfillment of the service call may be subject to authorization due to the application or the type of replacement parts, equipment and documentation required. The service call is, therefore, subject to the granting of the necessary export licenses and the absence of any other obstacles relating to German or other applicable export regulations.

Country list

A repair service is offered for the following countries:



Country group 1


Brazil, Mexico, USA


China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand




Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

Country group 2


South Africa


Argentina, Canada


Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore


New Zealand


Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia

Country group 3




Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela


Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Vietnam


Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine

Countries not listed, for customers with framework contracts only.

Response time

As a rule, the following response times apply when the RSC is implemented in the case of a machine standstill:

Country groups


CG 1

Next working day

CG 2

Within two working days

CG 3

Depending on country-specific conditions

Countries not listed

Depending on country-specific conditions, only for customers with framework contracts for the price of the individual contract.

We define the response time as the time from when your clarified order is placed until our service engineer starts to travel to the site stated in the order, or until troubleshooting commences using teleservice. The specified response times apply to "technically clarified fault notifications" within the normal working hours of the region (e.g. Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00) excluding public holidays.

1) Since the export of standard versions (components/system) is subject to a time-consuming official approval procedure, which applies in equal measure to the supply of such components for the purpose of servicing and spare parts supply, we recommend supply of the export version wherever possible. This applies in particular in cases where the control can be exported without official approval after the machine manufacturer has installed it in a machine tool. Please note in this regard the Export control information.

2) For selected motors, we centrally stock components for fast delivery in Germany and in USA. These motors can be manufactured and delivered within a few working days. You can obtain the current list from your Siemens contact.

3) The delivery times known to you usually apply.

4) Examples of service exclusions:
- Non-compliance with Siemens project engineering and user guidelines, e.g. incorrect installation, incorrect grounding, or incorrect operating characteristics
- Function-critical contamination, e.g. oil, conductive substances, rust
- Mechanical damage
- External electrical influence, e.g. effects of overvoltage, compensation system without reactor, line harmonics
- Machine commissioning or optimization
- Intentional destruction

5) For example, in the case of an RSC with 12 months contract period, maximum of 24 months from the transfer of risk (delivery of the components).

Repair service contract RSC